For this soap to dry and become ready for use, it takes a total of 30 days.

The main raw ingredients infused are: water; sodium hydroxide (made from sea salt); olive oil; coconut oil; soy oil; and palm oil. 

Depending on the season, essential and fragrance oils added are varied-changing the color and scent of the soap.

Instead of adding unnatural preservatives, each bar of soap is individually vacuum-packed to help keep the soap last longer.

When the soap is not in use soon after purchase, please keep the soap in the freezer to help keep it preserved.

If redness, itchiness, rash, or any other signs of allergic reaction occurs, please discontinue usage of the soap. 

9.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm    (5oz-6oz)

December Soaps



Quantity        Price

1                                        $7.50

2                                        $15

3                                        $22

4                                        $28.50

5                                        $ 35

6                                        $ 42

7                                        $ 48

8                                        $54.5

12               $73

Why Do the Eyes Sting if My Soap Comes in Contact With Them?

Nowadays, industrialized soap, shampoo, and conditioner do not sting the eyes when they come in contact. This is because inside of these detergents, there are chemical surfactants (otherwise known as surface active agents) that prevent the stinging sensation. When the body does not feel pain, it readily absorbs this chemical into our system.

My handmade soap does not contain such chemicals, thus they can cause redness and a stinging sensation to the eyes when they come in contact. Naturally, the eyes will tear up, and we will try to rinse out the soap with water. Our bodies will try to reject the soap from entering—instead of absorbing it—and will keep our bodies safe.